The Lighthouse Hotel 1995-1997

Geoffrey Bawa
Galle, Sri Lanka
March 2018

Visited by Stephanie

The Hotel is jammed into a rocky site towering over the sea with stunning views in every direction.
One arrives into a dark cavern of a porte-cochère, and then you rise up through the drum stair with the incredible Laki Senanayake handrail, to be delivered into the gleaming forest of columns and golden light of the main reception lobby with views across to the sea. The long double colonnades of rooms zigzag back into the hillside, so that all the rooms face over an oasis-like central infinity pool.
We arrived in a tropical downpour of biblical proportions, with the water off the roof gargoyles, crashing to the rocks below with the noise and force of jet engines!
Hidden at the upper level where the banqueting suites are, we suddenly stumbled across a totally still, calm pool. All Bawa drama!