Pembroke Street

This project was a new application following an enforcement notice received for a building that was not built completely in accordance to approved drawings. After further refusals and appeals, the client came to Brooks Murray with the intention to demolish the existing building and replace it with an entirely new building.  The site lay on the edge of the Bemerton Estate, on the site of an old public house,  an area of rapid development with a number of new residential schemes both public and private.


Pembroke Street

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Not disclosed

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Private client

The immediately adjacent blocks of the Bemerton Estate are concrete framed buildings with inset panels of red mullti-brickwork. The new St Williams Court over the road is also brick but a lighter London stock brick. The recently redeveloped parts of the estate at the bottom pf Pembroke Road itself are made of a mixture of plain red and yellow stocks. Therefore the natural conclusion was that brick is the right material, but the colour should be distinctive, and not a brick which may be associated with the council estate.

The proposal was to demolish the existing ‘unapproved’ building and build a new 5 storey building plus basement to accommodate 13 self-contained flats . All the main concerns of the officer and inspector were taken into consideration. The flats also all comply with the minimum standards of the London plan.