Queens Parade

Queens parade is located on North Road and the corner of Culver road in the village heart of Lancing. It is currently a two storey, mixed use development consisting of retail shops at ground level and residential accommodation on the first floor. This is typical of 1970’s design. The building is in a prime location for local services.


Queens Parade, Lancing

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The existing building and its access from the back yard is currently in a jaded and dilapidated state that could benefit from redevelopment. Access is poorly organised without security for current residents.

The proposals add a further floor of residential accommodation above the existing first floor. An attempt to match the existing style and appearance would be inappropriate, doing little to enhance, or provide a development with identity or quality. The design intention is therefore to create a similar but modern extension of the existing building, revitalising its appearance with quality materials and detailing, whilst using the process as a catalyst to also improve the access, security, and amenity for all current and future residents.

The treatment of the street elevation (North Road) will be modern in appearance, with window positions following the existing rhythm, and cladding such that the colour will appear to shimmer. The building is to be finished by an over-sailing roof, providing shade and minimising overheating. The building offers high quality amenities to all residents through a semi-public backyard and private amenity space on the front second floor.