Brooks Murray win the 2018 Rifat Chadirji Prize

We are really excited to announce that we have won the 2018 Rifat Chadirji Prize – a competition  inviting designs to  transform the currently unused site of the Old Governorate Building, Baghdad, into the Baghdad Design Centre.

“This project offers an example of how urban ruins can be regenerated into new complexes. Its response to the urban and design brief highlights the importance of the original wall, and incorporates it as the main feature of the project. Its transformation into a living function will help create life in the project’s internal space and public plaza, which responds to the traditional local fabric and enriches the urban surroundings.  Covering the façade with trees will also allow the viewer to remember it as an urban ruin. The central courtyard is flexible and adaptable and can be used for many things including events, functions, performances and festivals, while the surrounding indoor activities can also be extended to the courtyard.” 

Find out more about the Rifat Chadirji Prize, and the Tamayouz Excellence Award, here.


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