Our friendly, versatile and multi-lingual team has a varied range of skills and a communicative approach which has seen contractors and clients come back to work with us for many years.

The team has a wide range of expertise, from designing and building towns to difficult inner city conservation and development projects. Whilst the practice has grown and developed over the past twenty-five years, both in size and architectural skill, we now adopt a combination of Revit and hand-drawn expertise to balance a respect for tradition with technological efficiency.










Pablo Fernandez
Sara Rietti
Vasco Sa Fernandes

Design Team

Alison Alexander
Maria Cruchinho
Courtney Fleming
Felipe Fuentes
Alexandra Howell
Leonard Jones
Miguel Liévano
Claudia Mastrandrea
Brett McCurdy
Sunesh Mistry
Dean Moore
Valentina Nullo
Morvi Sarvghadi
Douglas Sibley
Jamie Strong
Elijah Trim
Timor Tzur

Admin Team

Carmen Cronje
Jane Domhill