Modern conversion and extension success in Bournemouth

The Pearl Assurance building in Bournemouth is an excellent example of 1930s Moderne architecture, an art deco building style. When the client came to Brooks Murray looking to develop or refurbish the single storey commercial building next door, we explored the option of extending the whole 6 storey building over the neighbouring site as it was also under the same ownership. Through the design process, we discovered the significance of this Raymond McGrath and Walter Goodesmith building, and also the original plans that had already considered the extension over the Fir Vale Road site (to the right in picture). The planning department was as excited as we were about this project, and through good design we were able to deliver a proposal consisting of retail, office and residential space worthy of delegated consent.


Photo credit:
Image date 1937. Photographer J Reade.
Image reproduced under licence from the RIBA Architecture Image Library

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