This project was to design a new staircase for Barclays Bank. The project was titled Led Zeppelin and was phased in 7 stages, in order to minimise disruption to works with the existing office building. The material selected for the stairs is Carrara marble which is the same stone used in the sculpture of David by Michelangelo.


London, UK

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Client Name

Barclays Bank

The job was approached and delivered in 7 stages were as follows. Initially, the hoarding was constructed and then the 1st floor strengthened and 2nd floor ceiling fitted. After this completed stage of the project, the contractors cut a hole in the new existing floor slab. The new stairwell was formed within this space and the stair structure fitted.  The stone treads were fitted after this process and finally the glass balaustrade fitted. The hoarding was removed upon handover.

This stair case is unusual in its design, as bespoke fire safety measures were put in place. Four columns were erected. In the event of a fire, four shutters drop down to fully enclose the stair and thus give it a suitable fire rating. The steel for the stair was designed, manufactured and cut to size in Newcastle and brought to site overnight to allow uploading at weekends. Most of the steel works, including stair case used pre fabrication techniques and was created and stored in Newcastle.