Chapelton of Elsick

Brooks Murray are town architects for the first phase of a new town in Chapelton, Aberdeenshire. In 2010, Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company developed the original masterplan in consultation with over 5,000 local residents, professionals, Council officers and Scottish national agencies. The dynamic nature of this consultation process allows for immediate feedback, whether local or specialist, which will continue to shape much of the town into the future


Cairnhill, Scotland

Build Cost

Not disclosed

Client Name

Elsick Development Company

The proposals are for the development of a proper new Scottish town comprising 4,045 houses and the shops, restaurants, offices, parks and schools needed to flourish. These will be built as four neighbourhoods, the first of which is Cairnhill, whilst a town centre with the main high street will follow in a subsequent phase. In the long term, the site at Chapelton can accommodate up to 8,000 houses within seven neighbourhoods.

The Chapelton masterplan is inspired by the vibrant urban settlements of northeast Scotland, such as Montrose, Stonehaven and St Andrews. Like these historic towns, Chapelton will include many types of traditional home within walking distance of attractive parks and community facilities. The town’s seven neighbourhoods are designed for people: to be inherently sustainable, walkable places in which people are proud to live and work.

The builders of Chapelton include local firms alongside those with particular expertise in traditional building. The houses use local building materials, including granite, stone and lime harling, as well as traditional architectural detailing. Homes are also available with a variety of floor plans, some of which include add-on options such as conservatories.

The long-term development of the town will be regulated both by a Pattern Book and a Design Code, to ensure that architectural styles adhere to the vision for Chapelton forged amongst local communities. This constantly evolves through the use of the Design Advice Circular, thereby enabling a broad range of designs.

Brooks Murray has worked alongside a range of local and international architects in order to produce house types for Chapelton’s first neighbourhood, including:

Benjamin Tindall Architects – 

Covell Matthews Architects –

Lew Oliver Incorporated – 

Marianne Cusato –