Denbigh Terrace

Denbigh Terrace is a Victorian street in Notting Hill, famous for the varied and multi-coloured frontages of the houses along it.

Brooks Murray were asked to refurbish the tight Victorian interior and the small garden of one of these houses into a modern space for a young couple, without touching the front façade.


Notting Hill, London

Part of the Pembridge conservation area, any alterations to the house needed to be sympathetic to the existing heritage of the property.

The team designed a contemporary space by cutting out part of the ground floor to create a dramatic double volume on the lower ground floor. In this way, the whole floor is transformed from a gloomy basement into the dramatic centrepiece of the home.

Exposure of the steel structure elements and use of robust, ‘hard’ materials, has given the house a contemporary feeling delicately set within the old building. The interior continues outside, creating a ‘garden room’ from the tiny garden.

Denbigh Terrace stairs Denbigh Terrace stairs 2 Denbigh Terrace bathroom Denbigh Terrace facade back Denbigh Terrace interior