Enzo Degli Angiuoni Design Studio and Showroom

Brooks Murray were commissioned to coordinate the construction and statutory approvals for Enzo Degli Angiuoni working closely with his design architect Antonio Citterio and partners.

The design provided four distinct public areas: reception, presentation, studio and office with kitchen and toilet facilities to the rear. The traditional rolled steel structure was retained and contrast with the contemporary fixtures and fittings. Dropped ceilings help to define specific spaces while the oak flooring provides a grid structure that unifies the space.



Build Cost

Not disclosed

Client Name

Enzo Degli Angiuoni

Enzo Degli designs are known for Tradition and innovation knowledge and experimentation. They are predominantly a fabrics supplier and designer. The quality of the fabrics of Enzo Degli Angiuoni takes shape by a production process which employs machinery and advanced equipment, the result of a continuous process of renewal of the company. Extreme care and dedication in the search and selection of yarns, the definition and creation of new trends and designs for fabrics, the production process is developed through different types of jacquard looms, dobby and velvets. Different stages of quality control, combined with strict tests on tissue performance, places the production of Enzo Degli Angiuoni to a higher level of quality, both in terms of aesthetics, both the intrinsic quality of its fabrics.