17 Shorts Gardens

The client came to us with a tall thin brick building typical of the Seven Dials conservation area. There were two focal points to the brief: to add more floor space to the existing upper floor offices, and to create a high quality self-contained unit. We worked closely with our planning consultant studying the conservation area design guide for materials, and other similar examples, to enhance the original design.


17 Shorts Gardens, Convent Garden, London

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Client Name

Pearl and Coutts

Brooks Murray modernised the exterior and interior respecting the proportions and scale of the traditional aesthetic. The result was a very discrete mansard roof addition, almost imperceptible from the street, with materials carefully chosen to match the existing and neighbouring buildings.

The new unit is a duplex office with two open plan floors. The next phase will be the renovation of the small entrance hallway. The aim will be to keep the cosy heritage feel whilst updating the look to a more contemporary working environment. The top floor is spacious and light with four big dormer windows and a skylight.

The project in its entirety offers a bold interpretation of how modern and traditional can work together successfully. And in restoring and renovating the crumbling space we have added a great deal of value to the property, which has seen letting values rise.