Symondshyde is an intricately masterplanned proposal for a new rural village in Central Hertfordshire. Symondshyde provides a rare opportunity to plan comprehensively for new housing and new infrastructure, and to demonstrate a sustainable development in which future generations can live, work and play. Symondshyde is not a residential development, but aiming to be an exemplar for sustainable development, including everything that might entail of an English village: one thousand homes, a community centre, church, local pub, restaurant and country shops.



Client Name

Gascoyne Cecil Estates

The village will offer a primary school for the education of local children and a retirement community for older people. As a true village, built to follow in the best traditions of rural Hertfordshire, space is allocated to facilitate horse livery, community allotments, and other outdoor amenities. Mature trees and hedgerows across the site would remain. The masterplan for Symondshyde village has been  developed around the traces left on the ground by the previous centuries of human habitation: bridle paths, streams, mature hedgerows and trees and other marks. These dictate a natural shape, size and feel of the village.

The site is currently being considered by an Independent inspection of the Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan.